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IMGP0092Greetings! I am excited to share with you my two recent radio interviews that I have recently posted to my website. They were recorded by WTSN-AM and WBAY-FM in New Hampshire, prior to my lecture as Keynote Speaker for Frisbie Memorial Hospital’s Health and Wellness Conference in October 2009. The radio show interviews focus on Nutritional Balancing as well as my personal journey to health and wellness.

Nutritional Balancing is a program designed to bring the body into dynamic equilibrium. It honors the fact that we are all individuals with our own unique metabolic blueprint. It involves a different paradigm than traditional medicine. Standard medical treatment is based on the naming of a disease or a condition whereby a remedy or treatment is then prescribed. With Nutritional Balancing, the naming of the condition is not as critical; rather, it’s the understanding of the nature of the imbalance and then the balancing one’s unique biochemistry that is the starting point for healing and true health.

Nutritional balancing draws from many branches of science. Incorporating knowledge from the fields of biochemistry, physiology, nutrition, stress theory, pathology and psychology, this science is a synthesis that draws together many ideas. It presents a new and expanded approach to healing. It involves a precise means of assessing and monitoring the condition of the body chemistry.  It also includes a new set of rules for interpreting hair mineral test results.  Finally, it offers specific applications of diet, supplementary nutrients, detoxification protocols, mental and emotional suggestions and more to raise one’s energy level and restore a more balanced chemistry.

If you are interested in learning more about Nutritional Balancing Science and listening to my recent interviews, please click here.

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  2. Enjoyed you information. I listened to part of the radio interview. You certainly know what you are talking about!! You need to have a regular radio program with call ins. Check that out. The nurtitionist I worked with in Florida had a weekly radio show that she did with a health food store. Is that possible?

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