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A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years and in your heart till the day you die.” Mary Mason.PHOTO

The nutrition and health of both the mother and father impacts a child long before conception. Both the egg and sperm arise from tissues that are subject to free radical damage. Of particular importance, is the woman as she carries the cells of her egg throughout her life as well as a baby for the term of her pregnancy. She is exposed to daily assaults of toxins, metals and additives impacting her cellular tissues. Women therefore need to begin preconception care as early as possible. Many primitive cultures provide special nutrient rich foods as early as puberty or marriage to help ensure a healthy baby.

A mother’s health is vitally important to the wellness of her newborn infant. Among industrialized nations, the United States has the 18th highest rate for newborn mortality. In America, the birth defect rate has doubled since 1950. The generations born in the wake of mass modification of food products now face record numbers of devastating conditions. Among them: failure to thrive, autism, ADD, depression fatigue, anxiety and a host of defects related to prescriptions as well as engineered food products. A benefit of properly interpreted Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test allows women to screen for nutritional deficits and toxic metals in their systems before they conceive. It has also helped many women who have had trouble conceiving and carrying to term. Women today need to be conerned with the high rate of toxins found in food and water making it essential that their bodies are prepared with quality organic foods and clean water.

Correcting mineral imbalances can make a significant difference in pregnancy and birth. Important vitamins and minerals found in whole foods are vital to the healthy functioning of the biological system. The months just prior to and during pregnancy have been shown to affect the health of the newborn baby.

Taking care of yourself when you are expecting is imperative. Forty or more vitamins and minerals are needed to ensure both mother and child have strong immune systems, proper bone and brain development  and a trouble free birth experience. Prenatal vitamins only supply a few of the very important supplements for the expecting mom. To replace one mineral can take more than nine months. Waiting until you conceive is too late.

Before complications arise, correcting nutritional imbalances with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can help a woman detect imbalances at the cellular level. Take action, be wise and take care of your body. Correcting nutritional imbalances can make your pregnancy and delivery safer and easier. Your baby, as a result, will have a healthier start in life.

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Here are several suggestions for preconception care as well as advice for pregnant women:

  • Choose nutrient dense foods
  • Reduce or eliminate caffeine
  • Avoid extreme diets
  • Pregnant women should not keep toxic cleaning supplies, insecticides, pesticides, toxic paints and other toxic materials in the home
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Learn to meditate
  • Avoid sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and chemical additives
  • Minimize electromagnetic disturbances:limit cell phones, computers and other electronic devices

What suggestions do you have for those who are expecting?

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