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I thought it would be helpful, especially as we approach the holiday season, to provide you with a brief summary of the various aspects of the Nutritional Balancing program. Each aspect of the program  forms a system that, when done correctly in combination, has a powerful healing effect on most physical, as well as mental and emotional conditions. According to Dr. Wilson, most people  achieve a level of health far above what many believe is possible. Below please find some of his suggestions.



Most of us are confused as to what to eat. Each day the media pounds of with contradictory research as to what are the healthiest foods for optimal health. Below, you will find a basic healthful diet, according to the principles of nutritional balancing science.  If you elect to follow a complete nutritional balancing program based on a properly performed and correctly interpreted hair mineral analysis, this diet will be adjusted somewhat.




1. Eat large amounts of cooked vegetables at least three times daily, and NOT raw vegetables.  You will obtain many more minerals from cooked vegetables than from raw ones, cooked is cleaner, and the losses due to proper cooking are minimal.  Do not eat many salads for this reason.

2. With your cooked vegetables, eat ONE protein OR ONE starch at a meal. In other words, do not mix meat and eggs at one meal, as these are both proteins.  Also, do not mix rice and corn tortillas, for example, at the same meal, as these are both starches.  The reason for simple meals is to ease digestion.  It is fine to have 4 or even 5 meals daily.  However, do not just graze or snack all day.  Have sit-down, relaxed meals.

For example, you may have a cooked vegetable or two with a chicken thigh or two.  Then, a few hours later, have a cooked vegetable or two with a starch such as brown rice, corn tortillas or quinoa.  These are simple food combinations and much easier to digest.  You may also have just a cooked vegetable meal, for example, or just some lamb chops.  Eating only one food per meal is even easier to digest, and usually best, although some people find it boring.  Babies and young children usually prefer to eat this way, as do many so-called primitive people, as it works very well.  it is especially recommended if your digestion is weak.

Here are more details:




Fill two-thirds of your plate or more! with cooked vegetables at least three every day.  Seventy to eighty percent of your diet should be cooked vegetables, not raw vegetables.  Eat cooked vegetables three times daily to get enough.

Vegetables provide many nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fiber.  They also increase the alkalinity of the body more than any other food group.  This is important today because the balance of the pH is a factor in healing.  Do not try to alkalinize the body with a water machine, however. These are not safe, in my experience, no matter what the sales people contend.  They usually use tap water and may contain toxic metals.  The best vegetables are:


1. Root vegetables. These include carrots, onion, garlic, ginger, rutabaga, turnips and celery root, and to a lesser degree beets, yams and sweet potatoes.


2. The cabbage (or crucifers or brassica species).  Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, collard greens, mustard seed, mustard greens, bok choy, Chinese cabbage or Napa cabbage.  It also includes turnips and rutabaga.   The cruciferous vegetables are wonderful foods and some should be eaten daily.  They all must be cooked about 30 minutes to completely remove a substance that otherwise can slow the thyroid a little.


3. Greens such as spinach, carrot greens, kale, mustard greens, beet greens, carrot greens, Swiss chard and others are also very good.  Celery is also okay when cooked.


4. Peas and green beans, both fresh and frozen, are also very good.  A bag of frozen peas cooks in five minutes and makes an excellent, tasty and filling snack or even an entire meal.


5. Winter squashes and pumpkin. Winter squashes (acorn, spaghetti and butternut squashes) and pumpkin are not quite as good because they are more yin, but okay once or twice a week if you wish.  They are actually fruits, as they contain seeds.


Vegetables to avoid.  Avoid the nightshade vegetables, which are too yin and slightly toxic for regular consumption.  They include tomatoes, white and red potatoes, eggplant and all peppers, such as sweet and hot peppers, and table pepper, which is usually rancid.  A little cayenne pepper as a spice is fine, but avoid very hot spicy food.

Others to minimize or avoid include zucchini, summer squashes, okra, asparagus, artichokes, mushrooms and cucumbers.  These are all too yin or a bit toxic.  Otherwise, the vegetables, always cooked, are superb foods.


Remember to cook your vegetables always.  I know many health authorities recommend raw vegetables.  However, I find that people do not absorb enough minerals from raw foods, including salads.  Also, raw vegetables are too yin, and in restaurants often unclean.  You can have a cooked vegetable salad if you prefer, but not a raw salad.  To read more, read Raw Food on this website.




Eat protein twice daily or even a little with each meal, if it helps you. Protein foods, especially those of animal quality, offer many nutrients including zinc, selenium, sulfur, many vitamins, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids and much more.  Please do not follow a vegetarian diet for this reason.  Portion size can be 3-5 ounces or so for adults.


Meats. Among the best protein foods are lamb, chicken, eggs, and turkey. Some wild game is very good.  Beef is not quite as good, though naturally-raised, grass-fed beef is okay about once a week.


Dairy products. Raw dairy is an excellent food for most people, unless one is allergic to dairy.  This can include raw goat or raw cows whole milk, plain yogurt, raw kefir or raw cheeses.  However, do not drink more than 4 ounces of milk daily, as it is quite yin.

Goat products tend to be a little better than cow dairy, although not always.  Go to www.realmilk.com to help find raw dairy products, or ask around in your town, as many towns have people who can supply raw dairy products, even if they are not yet legal.

Most pasteurized dairy products are not nearly as good and should be avoided.  If you absolutely cannot find raw dairy, look for organic dairy products, though they are not as good as the raw ones.  The laws prohibiting raw dairy products are insane, and simply a way to control the milk supply. They need to be changed.


Soft-cooked eggs are a wonderful and very inexpensive protein food. Most people can have eggs three times a week or more.  Up to 6 or 8 eggs weekly are good for most people.  Be sure to cook eggs soft, with the yolk runny.  This means either soft boil them for 3-4 minutes, or eat them poached or soft in some other way.


Fish.  Avoid most fish, and all seafood and shellfish due to toxic metal contamination. 

The exception is that 3-4 cans of sardines weekly are excellent for adults, and less for children.  They are acceptable because they are very small, so they do not accumulate much mercury.  They are also excellent sources of vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and an important form of selenium.

Avoid all other fish and definitely avoid all shellfish or seafood.  Most are contaminated with mercury.  Wild caught fish are no better in most cases, though they are fed better.


Nuts, seeds and nut butters.  Nuts and seeds are hard to digest and more yin, although they are nutritious.  So limit them.  An exception is that some toasted almond butter several times weekly is good for most people.  A little of the other nut or seed butters is okay, on occasion.


Proteins to avoid.  Pork, ham and all pig products may contain parasitic infections, even if well-cooked.  Also reduce beef, though some naturally raised beef is okay occasionally.  Most beef cattle are very hybridized and less healthful.  Avoid all processed meats and American cheese or “cheese food”. Also avoid organ meats, as they are toxic with heavy metals, unfortunately.


Smoothies, protein powders, whey powder and other shakes.  I much prefer whole foods to any type of powders or meal replacement drinks. The reasons are 1) smoothies generally require something sweet with them, which is yin.  2) they are often bad food combinations, and 3) they mix too much water with the food, which is very bad for digestion.

For best digestion, stay with whole, natural foods and avoid all smoothies.




About 10% of the diet may be cooked grains.  While these can be excellent foods, many people do not handle them well due to yeasts in the intestines and other intestinal difficulties.  The best whole grains for most people are organic blue corn, as in the blue corn organic tortilla chips or blue corn tortillas. Others are brown rice, white Basmati rice, quinoa, millet, and amaranth.

Others, provided you don’t have gluten sensitivity, include rye, oats, and barley.  However, many people feel better without any gluten in their diet.

Avoid wheat and spelt in all forms.  Wheat is a very hybridized food, like beef and some dairy today.  As a result, wheat has become an unbalanced and inflammatory food.  An important habit change is to avoid all foods made with wheat such as most breads, pastries, cakes, cookies, flour tortillas, hot and cold cereals, soups thickened with flour, and wheat pasta.  Wheat pasta is less processed and a little better, but still best avoided.  If you want pasta, use rice, corn, quinoa or other non-wheat pasta.

Also avoid buckwheat, which is a variant on wheat.


Always cook grains thoroughly.  Avoid granola, trail mix and muesli, which may not be well-cooked.  Grains are best eaten freshly cooked, if possible.  However, pasta made from corn, rice or quinoa, and organic blue or yellow corn chips are fine, as are blue or yellow corn tortillas.




These are extremely important foods, especially for fast oxidizers.  Good sources of fats and oils are raw dairy products, good quality eggs, meats, some olive and other types of unrefined oils, and a little nut and seed butters.  Most people need between one and three tablespoons of fats daily.

Avoid most French fries and other deep fried foods, as the oil is often overheated and damaged.  Avoid coconut oil and palm oil.  Some health authorities recommend these oils, and a little is fine, but they are too yin in Chinese terminology for regular use.




Avoid all fruits, which I find are not good for almost everyone today.  They are almost all hybrids that are too sweet, and they have less nutrition than most other natural foods.  They are also very yin in Chinese medical terms.  Fruits often upset the blood sugar level and very often contribute to intestinal diseases such as yeast infections.  Also, while technically alkaline-forming, most people cannot utilize them properly and they acidify the body, at times.  Most also contain a toxic form of potassium due to the use of N-P-K fertilizers.

Do your best to change your eating habits to avoid all fruit and sweets, perhaps with the exception of a few berries for desert on occasion, or a rare piece of apple or other juicy fruit in the summer during the fruit’s season.  A few olives are also fine, especially the Botija olives from Peru.

Avoid all dried fruit, fruit juices and tropical fruits such as citrus fruit, pineapple, mangos, bananas and others.  For more on this important food, readFruit-Eating on this website.


Also avoid all sugars, if possible.  Do not substitute artificial sweeteners if possible.  If you must, use a little stevia as a sweetener.  Less desirable are raw honey, agave syrup or maple syrup.  All the sweeteners are extremely yin and thus not healthful today.




Plain water should be your main beverage.  Finding healthful water to drink is extremely important, in our experience.  Spring water that is bought in plastic bottles or delivered to your home is fine.  An alternative is to go toWWW.FINDASPRING.COM to perhaps find a spring near you where you can fill up your own water jugs.  Spring water provides many minerals the body needs and it is untampered with.

If you cannot afford spring water, the next best water is usually carbon-filtered tap water.  Do not use fancy multi-stage water filters.  Use a carbon filter only.  The others may clean up the water, but they appear to damage it as well.

Besides pure water, only mild teas hydrate the body perfectly.  These include black or green tea, chamomile, hibiscus, mint, strawberry leaf and other mild herbal blends.  Please do not add sweeteners to them, if at all possible.

Almost all adults need to drink three (3) quarts of water each and every day.  An excellent habit is to drink up to 1 quart of healthful spring water upon arising in the morning.

Avoid all reverse osmosis water, such as “purified water”, “drinking waters”, and others.  RO does not hydrate the body as well, and is devoid of minerals and very yin.  Avoid water machines such as alkaline water machines. Read Water For Drinking on this website for much more on water.

Also avoid alkaline water, and almost all “designer” or fancy waters sold in health food stores and elsewhere.  Too often, these are made with reverse osmosis water or other types of water that do not hydrate the body as well.

Avoid adding minerals to your water.  In all cases, so far, this detracts from the overall quality of the water because water is a type of living food. Randomly adding minerals to it damages the quality of the water, which is extremely complex.




Water should be your main beverage.  A cup or two of a mild tea daily is fine.  One cup of coffee daily is fair, but okay if desired. Do not drink kombucha tea.  A little coconut water is okay, but it is quite yin.


Avoid all fruit juice.  Do not add fruit to carrot juice unless a child, perhaps, demands a little to accept the taste of carrot juice.  Also, avoid drinking more than 12 ounces of juice, as this is not needed or helpful.

Avoid all soda pop, “energy drinks” and strong sweetened teas.  Also avoid kombucha tea and alcohol in all forms, as much as possible.  A small glass of wine or beer is okay once in a while, if desired, but not good for one’s health. Wine is often the most contaminated alcoholic beverage, as many pesticides are used on grapes.


Herbs and condiments. Use sea salt with your cooking.  However, do not drink water with sea salt in it.  Strictly avoid table salt, a very poor quality product.

Some nutritional yeast and rice polishings are excellent additions to any diet.  Mustard is an excellent spice that can be added to many dishes.

Other good spices are cumin, turmeric, garlic, dill, rosemary, thyme, oregano, curry powder and other mild herbs.

Avoid or use sparingly all medicinal herbs, especially those imported from Asia or Latin America.  Sadly, today we find that all the Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs usually contain toxic metals in excessive amounts.  Most herbal programs are not compatible with nutritional balancing science.  We will suggest herbs that are safe if you embark on a complete nutritional balancing program.


Other foods and restaurants to avoid.  Avoid most prepared and processed foods.  Instead, make your own simple dishes.  Also avoid most frozen prepared meals, as most contain many chemical ingredients.  Read labels if you are not sure.  Some frozen meals are okay, but not many.

Restaurants are a problem, unless you know the food is made freshly and not laced with hundreds of chemicals.  Look for ethnic restaurants such as Chinese, Thai, and East Indian that use a lot of cooked vegetables.  Chain restaurants are often the worst, in terms of cutting corners.  Avoid the common fast food restaurants, as their food is generally of lower quality.

Cooking. Preferably steam your food to cook it.  Other good methods are stir-frying, crock pots, and occasionally baking vegetables or meats or cooking over a barbeque.  Do not overcook meats, in particular.  Cook eggs lightly so the yolks are still runny.  For example, soft boil eggs only 3-4 minutes, poach, loosely scramble, or fry them, but not so much that the yolks are hard.  Only dairy products should be eaten raw.

Many doctors recommend raw salads.  We do not, however.  The reasons are 1) raw food is often contaminated with bacteria and parasites, 2) our bodies have difficulty extracting all the minerals from raw food, 3) raw foods are often cold and take more energy to digest, and 4) cooking concentrates many foods, allowing one to eat more vegetables.  The exception is dairy products, which are best eaten raw, when you can find them.  This is generally safe.  Especially when dining out, avoid all raw food for reasons of cleanliness.


Eating Habits.  Do not skip meals.  Preferably, eat a meal every few hours if you have hypoglycemia.  However, do not eat or snack all the time.  Rest a few minutes before eating.  Then sit down in a quiet place to eat.  Eat slowly and chew thoroughly.  Relax at least 10 minutes after eating before leaving the table or returning to your activities.  Rotate your diet, eating the same food no more than every other day, if possible.

Avoid eating while driving, when upset, or in noisy places.  Do not to drink a lot of liquid with meals.  Drink up to 15 minutes before a meal or an hour or more afterwards.  This prevents diluting your stomach’s digestive juices with too much liquid.


Simplicity.  The simplest food combinations are easiest on your digestion. If you can, be satisfied with a single food or two at a meal, as this is best.  It also simplifies food preparation and cleanup.

Also, if possible, refrain from putting a lot of dressings, sauces, relishes, sweeteners and spices on your food.  These, too, can upset a stressed digestive system.  Human beings used to eat much simpler meals in earlier times, and their digestion was far better.


Several food supplements are excellent for everyone today.  These are all the supplements that I suggest until you decide to send in a hair sample to begin a complete nutritional balancing program:


1. Megapan or a similar multi-mineral/multi-vitamin product. Megapan is from Endomet Laboratories.  If you are trying to match it, it has no copper and no iron in it.  It also has about 10 mg of each of the B-complex, and a little selenium, zinc, and chromium.  These are the main ingredients to match.


2. Kelp capsules.  For adults: about 3 to 6 660 mg capsules of kelp daily, but only from Nature’s Way or Solaray.  You may also take about a tablespoon of kelp granules from Frontier Herbs or Monterrey Bay Herbs.


3. Omega-3 fatty acids.  These are critical as most people are very low in them.  Adults need about 1000 mg daily of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil,preferably, or other source of omega-3 fatty acids.  Cod liver oil does not work as well.  Krill oil is somewhat toxic and not recommended.


4. Vitamin D3, 5000 iu daily.


5. Calcium, magnesium and zinc.  Most people need about 750 mg of a quality calcium product, 450 mg of a quality magnesium product, and about 20-30 mg of a good zinc product.  The minerals should be chelates, lactates, citrates or other high quality minerals.


6. A powerful digestive aid.  It should ideally contain ox bile and pancreatin.  This is the most yang and usually the most powerful, as well.


7. If you can afford it, take several dried vegetable capsules daily. This is usually much better than a green superfood powder, as the powders oxidize and go rancid quickly.


Supplement notes:


  • The kind of supplement, the brand, and the dosage are all critical.  Please do not alter any of theses three factors.
  • Children should take less, depending upon their size and weight.
  • A good and very inexpensive brand of supplements in the supermarket or drugstore is NatureMade.  They are not quite as good as some professional brands, but they usually work very well.  Stay away from most other brands in stores because we find that some do not work as well, no matter how expensive they are.






1. Reduce stress wherever you can by living simply and inexpensively.  Also, do your best to live and work in a safe location with clean air, peace and quiet.


2. More rest is critical for most people.  Do your best to get 9-10 or more hours of sleep every night.  Also, getting to sleep early, between 8 and 9 PM, will give you the most restful night’s sleep.  Naps are excellent during the day and may also be needed, as you may feel tired at times as healing occurs.


3. Gentle exercise only is best with a nutritional balancing program because it will help conserve most of your energy for healing.  Limit your exercise to gentle walking, hiking, bicycling or perhaps swimming in lakes, oceans or rivers but not pools, preferably, due to toxic chemicals and infections.  Although some health authorities will disagree, it is not necessary to exercise vigorously.  Even Kenneth Cooper, the founder of aerobics, discovered this after a number of people dropped dead of heart attacks during vigorous exercise routines.  Most people are 1) exhausted, and 2) very unhealthy.  As a result, vigorous exercise may feel good, but just stresses the body severely and is never a good idea.


4. Deep breathing every day for at least 15-30 minutes is also excellent.


5. Abstain altogether from sexual fluid loss, or minimize it.  This means try not to ejaculate, men, and for women it means to limit orgasms and sexual fluid loss.  Regular sex once a week is plenty.


6. Sun exposure for 10 to 20 minutes daily is very good.  Do not stay in the sun for hours, as this is toxic, even if you wear sunscreen. Most suncreens are toxic as well, so please do not use them.


7. Reduce toxic exposures.  Reduce all chemicals on your skin such as perfumes, cologne, lotions, etc.  Also beware of lawn chemicals, pesticides, solvents, paints, and other toxins.  Use only natural products with as few chemicals in them as possible.


8. Avoid and remove all silver amalgam dental fillings and root canal-filled teeth.  If you have silver amalgam dental fillings, begin now to have them replaced with either composite fillings or gold alloy.  The silver amalgams contain mercury that is extremely toxic.

Root canal-filled teeth almost always harbor serious infection, even if you cannot feel it.  Most of the time, it is best to have the tooth removed.  This can be extremely important in order to regain and maintain your health.

Also, do not get fluoride treatments and do not get metal braces on your teeth.  The metal usually contains nickel, a potent toxin.


9. Minimize electromagnetic pollution.  Try to use a wired land telephone, rather than a cell phone.  If you must use a cell or portable phone, hold it away from your head or use a headset or speakerphone.  Turn off all electrical devices when you sleep, and keep them as far away as possible from you at all times.


10. Mininize and preferably avoid using all medical drugs and over-the-counter drugs.




1. Carrot Juice daily.  Every adult needs to drink about 10-12 ounces of carrot juice daily, preferably away from a meal.  If possible, wait 15 minutes after drinking it before eating a meal.  One or two ounces of wheat grass juice is also fine as a substitute, but not all the time.  Read more about this later in this article and in the article entitled Carrot Juice for more information about this wonderful food item.


Suggestions for juicing carrots:

  • Use a juicer, and not a blender such as the Vitamix or others.  Blenders do not break up the carrots enough to extract all the nutrients. They also mix the juice with too much water and air, which is not desirable.  Also, they leave the pulp intact, which is not desirable in this case.
  • Try to have your carrot juice alone, rather than with any other food or beverage.  Wait at least 15 minutes before eating or drinking other items to give the juice time to be absorbed.
  • Those with yeast problems or sugar sensitivity may not tolerate carrot juice well.  In this case, drink one half or one-third of your juice, put the rest in the refrigerator and drink more of it every few hours.  This avoids putting a lot of sugar into your blood stream at one time.  Be sure your juice is fairly fresh.  If store-bought juice does not taste good, it may be moldy or have pesticides in it.


2. Daily near infrared sauna therapy.  Near infrared light sauna therapy was added to nutritional balancing several years ago because it is a fabulous, inexpensive and quite safe healing and detoxification procedure.  It is not required for everyone, but often greatly speeds up healing.  With regular use, it allows the body to eliminate hundreds of toxic chemicals and two dozen toxic metals in a few years that would otherwise take much longer.

It also helps tremendously to safely eliminate chronic infections.  It also dramatically improves circulation, hydration and oxygenation of the body.  Near infrared saunas are dry, clean and use very little electricity.  We can help you build one with free plans, or we offer a simple frame sauna for $579.00.  For more on this subject, read Sauna Therapy on this website.


3. Daily coffee enemas.  Coffee enemas are remarkable in their ability to remove toxins from the liver and colon.  Done properly, they are safe and a powerful detoxification procedure that I always recommend with a nutritional balancing program.  While not mandatory, they greatly speed up the healing process for most people.  For more information about them and the procedure for doing them, read Coffee Enemas on this website.


4. Daily use of the Roy Masters mental training exercise, with my modification. While not absolutely necessary, the Roy Masters meditation, with my modifications, is an amazing key for calming the mind and emotions, and developing self-awareness and grounding.  It also brings an energy into the body that assists healing.  This is the only mental exercise I suggest.  It is described in more detail in an article entitled Meditation on this website.


5. The daily spinal twist.  This simple exercise will help keep your spine in alignment, and may be as good as some chiropractic, although it is not a substitute for excellent chiropractic care.

Lie down on your back with your legs straight, feet together but not crossed, and your arms stretched out to the sides.  First gently and slowly turn your head from left to right, several times.  This, alone, will help adjust your neck and upper back.  If you can do it gently, move your head as far to the right and to the left as you can.  Always do it slowly, however, and never force anything.

Part II.  This is for your mid and lower back, an area that most people have difficulty with.  Lying down straight on a bed or floor, with your arms out to the sides, lift your left leg straight up in the air and gently swing it to your right over the other leg so it twists your spine to the right.  Stay here for a few breaths and slowly release.  Repeat on the other side. This exercise stretches, aligns and helps energy flow through the spine.


6. Rub your feet daily, or preferably twice daily. using the principles of foot reflexology. This is a simple, inexpensive, safe, but quite powerful procedure that anyone can do at home.  It will balance the channel system of the body and by so doing help release toxins, help relax the body, and improve many types of symptoms.  I suggest doing it in the morning at before bed at night.

Also, pull each toe downward and then twist each toe back and forth a few times.  Many times, they will pop or snap, which is good.  Ten minutes for each foot is sufficient in most cases.  Click on the Foot Chart and the article entitledReflexology for more information about this simple, yet effective healing method that is available to most everyone.




The information in the paragraphs above is basic for a healthful lifestyle, diet and healing program that, in my experience, will actually heal over 50% of people’s symptoms, with nothing else added.  It is the place to begin.

The next step, if you so choose, is to embark on a more precise and more personalized nutritional balancing program.  This involves sending a hair sample to one of the Approved Practitioners listed on this website.  The program you will receive will combine most of the above with more specific instructions.

In addition, an individualized program will include several more food supplements based on your hair analysis patterns, and more precise instructions on the use of the detoxification procedures.  In addition, the hair mineral test may offer other clues and information that may help us design a more personalized program for you.  For more on this topic, go to Find A Practitioner And Begin A Nutritional Balancing Program.


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