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Healthy Children

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Taking excellent care of our children is one of the best gifts a parent can give a child. It is important to select the best foods for a  growing child and to understand that children have needs that are quite different from those of their parents. Healthy children have a great chance of  a healthy adult life. In addition, tastes, preferences and eating habits begin during childhood and affect the choices made as an adult.

Food preparation at home is an opportunity to teach our children and have fun with them as well. When children feel a part of the process, they are more likely to try new foods. I often let my children thumb through the cookbook recipes and have them pick out what they like. The use of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Nutritional Balancing can help parents learn more about their children’s nutritional needs and deficits. Detecting requirements at an early age helps youngsters achieve optimal health-both mind and body-during childhood and determines the quality of life for years to come. Children and infants have certain needs that must be considered. Food choices for children should take into consideration very specific requirements.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for Children(HTMA)

HTMA can help determine the best foods for your child. One of the benefits of this test is determining the oxidation level and preparing foods accordingly.

Fast Oxidation and Children

Most young children are fast oxidizers. Fast oxidizers are individuals who metabolize their food at a rate faster than required for the production of energy. Young children in particular fall into this category that ranges from birth to 4 years old. Parents should not be concerned that healthy fat is harmful to their child. In fact, the opposite is true. A diet rich in good quality fats and oils are necessary for the fast oxidizer child.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Fat slows down the metabolic rate
  • Fat provides extra calories many fast oxidizer need to maintain energy.
  • Fat is digested slowly and provides a continuous supply of energy to stabilize blood sugar
  • Essential Fatty Acids are vital for optimal brain development



Sugar is one of the worst foods for the fast oxidizer. Omitting healthful fats and oils from your child’s diet is an enormous mistake. Without them, a fast oxidizer will crave sweets, starting a cycle of rapidly fluctuating blood sugar levels. Eating too much sugar and starch is the main cause of obesity in children. Children who are deprived of the necessary fats and oils are likely to demonstrate behavioral as well as health problems. Remember, that young children do not have the same nutritional needs or limitations as adults. In fact, children’s bodies are undergoing a major construction project. They are building a system as well as laying down the structure of their bodies for a lifetime. It is critical to build and nurture the body with the right foods and proper rest so that they can develop into healthy adults. So please, make sure that your children are getting a diet rich in vegetables, proteins, healthy fats and whole grains. Omit the sugar, as there is little doubt that the surplus of this empty calorie, nutrient free concoction will help build a healthy little body.

What types of foods do you feed your child? Please take a moment to check out the recipe for Corny Tortilla, Oui, Oui. It is my children’s favorite breakfast.

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8 Responses to “Healthy Children”

  1. Crystal Fonseca says:

    After coming back from the pediatrition today to hear that my boys (15 months and 3) have mono again, first occurred at 5 MONTHS and 2, I was horrified. Both times the ped. stated that children this young “shouldn’t” be getting this. I lost it when I had to bring them yet again to get bloodwork done. I called Joy and I have an appointment tomorrow, talk about fast! I have committed to change in her program and am doing good. Sugar is a drug that I am still struggling with, but small steps and I’ll get there. We will get healthy.

  2. melissa says:

    It will be worth the effort. Your boys are young and it won’t be to hard to change their habits. I have been a client of Joy’s for a little over a year. I have gotten my boys (15 and 11 off of sugar and the carbohydrated roller coaster). It was hard work but they are really starting to understand. They are not perfect but, they have noticed what their friends are eating and how often they get sick, especially after Halloween.
    Incidently, with Joys help, a little trial and error, and a little luck my eldest and I have figured out that he was allergic to peanut butter and milk. He had been diagnosed with attention deficit in 3rd grade. He stopped eating peanut butter and milk in the summer and switched to eggs. For the first time in his school career he has started the school year with A’s and b’s. He comes home raving about the notes he took! (he’s in 10th grade and has never been able to take effective or legible notes). I firmly believe what you put in your mouth without a doubt matters much more than anyone realizes.
    Don’t give up it will be worth the effort!

  3. Mike says:


    Very well said. Maybe if our children started eating better and healthier at an earlier age, then we wouldn’t see so many overweight and sick adults. I’m surprised that more people don’t realize that what food you eat has a direct correlation to your health as you age. Hopefully, this message will be heard and then we (as a country) won’t be spending upwards of 20% of our GNP on health care.

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