Writer, lecturer, nutritional consultant, homemaker, kitchen maven, and previously a lawyer and lobbyist, Joy Feldman is the author of the newly revised and updated Joyful Cooking in the Pursuit of Good Health, Restore and Heal through Nutritional Balancing. In Joy's new kitchen resource, this unique cookbook for both young and old, not only provides over 100 recipes for health conscious cooks, but also contains groundbreaking new information in eight easy to read chapters on the nutritional balancing program: a total healing system designed to restore and balance the body and the mind.


This Impressive New Volume Contains:


    Newly designed charts

    A removable shopping list

    Sidebars all in an attractive new easily accessible format

    Expanded Appendices

    Chapter on Weight Loss

    Expanded Recipe Sections

    Easy to follow Recipe Locater

    New Information on Nutritional Balancing

    Five day Menu for slow & fast oxidation in at-a-glance chart format

    Information on Supplements

    Information for Expecting Mothers and Dads too!

    Natural Baby Formulas

    Simple Recipes that require little prep time.




How many people today are just hanging on, living in a state of exhaustion, plagued with diagnosed and undiagnosed health conditions? It is a disgrace that we have all but ignored one of the greatest tools we can take advantage of diet. Nutrition is not only preventative, it can also reverse disease processes. It is unfortunate that this compelling science, Nutrition, is not used more often in the arsenal of weapons to help combat illness. Given a chance, the body possesses powerful abilities to heal itself. Today, the staggering health statistics we face as a nation is unimaginable. Almost nine million children, or one in five, take psychoactive drugs for behavior disorders. One in five adults are mentally ill. One in three people die from cancer. One in five pregnancies end in miscarriage and a quarter of a million children are born with birth defects each year. There are other options.


Delight in the idea - the pleasure in seeing yourself heal.


Faced with her own health predicament, after the birth of her first child nineteen years ago, Joy was exhausted and arthritic. For a period of time her doctors could not identify the cause of her debilitating symptoms. Eventually, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. She lived with perpetual fatigue, constantly feeling ill. Unable to function and care for her infant, she began her own search to improve her health; in essence, Joy was in Pursuit of Good Health. It was out of this journey to wellness that she not only healed, but also became far healthier than before. It was nutritional balancing science that allowed Joy to regain her health and well-being. Aware that there are countless people who are suffering as she did, she decided to write this book as a means to share the simple, yet highly effective program that restored her energy and good health in a matter of months.




Given the staggering health statistics we face as a nation today, more and more people are diagnosed with a multitude of illnesses, treated with mind boggling amounts of pharmaceutical medications or are just feeling plain sick.


For example:


    Obstetricians and gynecologists write 2,645,000 antibiotic prescriptions   
      every week. Internist's prescribe 1,416,000 per week. This works out to
      211,172,00 prescriptions annually, just for two specialties. Pediatricians
      prescribe over $500 million worth of antibiotics just for one condition, ear


    Today, almost 9 million children, or almost one out of every five children,
      take psychoactive drugs for their behavior disorders.


    In the United States, one in three people die from cancer. One in three 
      suffer from allergies, one in ten has ulcers and one in five is mentally ill.
      One in five pregnancies end in miscarriage and a quarter of a million
      infants are born with birth defects each year.


From a comprehensive healing system, to reorganizing your kitchen, followed by delicious recipes from a variety of cuisines, this thought provoking volume has been created to be both your health and kitchen resource. Joyful Cooking, the only cookbook designed for the nutritional balancing program, but wonderful for anyone interested in improving their health, offers the reader a chance to design a total health program that's right for your metabolic type.


This essential guide for living with a sensible nutrient rich diet, individualized for your body type, allows you to eat foods that seems like a major indulgence-- you will be surprised by what she offers. With possibilities ranging from lamb stew to pumpkin pie, and roasted vegetables to delicious mineral rich soups, you'll barely notice you've started a regimen that can optimize your health, your weight, and your total well-being. And Joy even includes strategies that will help any parent incorporate better health for the whole family. Kids of all ages can benefit from the healthy eating guidance offered in her chapter on Healthy Children and recipes dedicated to children ensuring that they are getting a nutritious diet. These ingredients used to balance, restore, and heal, are for all individuals, both young and old, in pursuit of good health.



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  • Jim Barnes, Editor,

    "Not only is this a different kind of cookbook, it's a better kind of cookbook, because it offers a clear path to health and vitality by reminding us that 'we are what we eat' and we must take responsibility for our actions when it comes to cooking and eating. Creating a healthy diet is not that difficult if we turn our backs on the 'empty calories' of the typical American diet: fast foods, processed foods, and junk food loaded with fats and sugars. With this excellent book, Joy Feldman shares her nutritional knowledge with the perfect blend of passion and science. She discovered the joy of eating well, and it saved her life. Following her advice will make you and your family feel better, too."


  • Ramsay Mead, RYT, CN

    "At last a groundbreaking and insightful informative book done in a user friendly and all inclusive format, delivering a pinpoint focus on the healing powers and life enrichment of often overshadowed simplified real whole foods nutrition. What this book offers is nothing short of a breath of vital fresh life force to those seeking methods to rid the body of dis-ease and start eating and living as if life really matters."

  • Lawrence Wilson, MD Author of Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis, Sauna Therapy, and The Real Self.

    "Joyful Cooking in the Pursuit of Good Health, is a wonderful educational experience for all who use it. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Not only does it teach principles of nutrition, but provides many tasty, simple recipes that will make eating healthfully a pleasure as well."

  • Lisa Reitman-Dobi, Playwright/Columnist

    "'The Pursuit of Good Health' sounded like a terrific but unattainable ideal until I started following the simple guidelines in Joyful Cooking. The nutritional information is easy to grasp, essential to know and a cinch to implement. Within a month, I've lost that caffeine craving, boosted my energy and dropped those annoying pounds I thought had made a permanent home on my hips. Scrumptious recipes, quick preparation, better health, no yawning at the keyboard..Thank you, Joy!

  • Megan Lorimer, M.A.C.

    "Finally, a cookbook that makes health a top priority! Joy takes us through the why's & how's of creating delicious, healthy meals in a quick and easy fashion. Beyond all the wonderful recipes, she shares basic fundamentals of healthy cooking, with ideas for artistic exploration with food and spices. Her tips for feeding fussy children, are priceless. Thank you for helping to make the journey to optimal health a more Joyful one."

  • MDF, M.D.

    "An excellent guide to helping those who want to understand and improve their health through diet! The recipes are easy to follow and the food tastes delicious."

  • D.P., Attorney at Law

    "Joy Feldman's book Joyful Cooking in the Pursuit of Good Health will satisfy the most voracious appetite of anyone wanting to learn how to prepare and cook, and eat healthy foods. Ms. Feldman's explains to the reader, in an easy to follow manner, what to eat and what not to eat, based upon scientific and an objective approach to healthy eating. The reader will be surprised at how much misinformation they have been spoon-fed throughout their life from non-scientific sources, such as the popular media. This book will help the reader rethink and relearn what it means to eat healthy.


    This book is recommended for everyone because we all can learn how to cook and eat healthy. This book is a must read for anyone who is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Reading Ms. Feldman's book can be the first step on the long road back to good health. This book can be read in the supermarket to help the reader buy healthy foods. It can be read in the kitchen to help the reader prepare and cook healthy and delicious meals. The point is just read this book, your body will thank you."


  • Scott Jay Glash, Life Coach, Stepping Stones Life Coaching

    "Joy's new book, Joyful Cooking in the Pursuit of Good Health, is easy to read, and thereby, understand; It walks you through how to make the changes in a step by step fashion; There are many recipes that I already decided to make; helpful hints to what ingredients I should have in the house. I am impressed!!!!! You have accomplished so much and that is awesome! I am sure that you will be publishing for years to come!!!!"

  • M.Z.

    "Joy's cookbook really helped me get started. It shows you how to sneak in those vegetables for those less cooperative members of your family. They won't even know what you have done! Once I understood the basics, I was able to get creative and even come up with some of my own concoctions! It really is an immeasurable tool in your quest for better health."

  • S.K. MSW, MAC (Master Addiction Counselor

    "Joyful Cooking in the Pursuit of Good Health, is just that. Reading the information and learning how the foods we eat tend to interact with our internal and external environment has brought me to the next level of knowledge about the food we eat. The information leaves me questioning where do I want to go from here? At age 64, all the pains of aging are making themselves known to me. Staying on a nutritional diet with the supplements you have recommended, have helped ease some of the pains in my joints, my back and in my all around health. In fact, my blood pressure has dropped significantly.


    The recipes in your book, sound different and exciting, truthfully, my mouth started to water as I read them. Recognizing that I can live without white sugar and wheat products in my diet, has definitely become noticeable to my doctors and in my blood tests. Your book is more than a cookbook, it is packed with so much information and is an expression of the dedication you have for your clients. This is a must read for all those people who want to take their health to a higher level. Thank you for your patience and knowledge."


  • D.P.

    I just want to say that Joy Feldman's new book is full of great, easy recipes that I can use every day so I won't get bored with my food. The most important information however, is all the other material she has incorporated into this book to give us all the tools we need to master this nutritional health program. Joy writes in simple words so anyone can understand the benefits of hair analysis. She also discusses unhealthy foods and how they affect our body. You also learn about good nutrition foods can provide us with to enable our bodies to heal and function like a well oiled and tuned machine. Thank you Joy for all your hard work in putting this great book together for our benefit.



Obesity now affects 17% of all children and adolescents in the United States - triple the rate from just one generation ago.

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