At the time of his injury in early July of 2007, my son was a 22 year old, student athlete who just two months before had graduated with honors from Endicott College and had played football as a starter for all of his four college years. He had just been hired at Fidelity Investments and was ready to begin his career. He had just returned from Ireland where he was selected to play on the NE All Star Team. Life had so much to offer him until the evening of July 6, 2007 where my son's achilles tendon was sliced by a young hockey player wearing his hockey skates. We thought it would be routine surgery and that he would be back on his feet in a very short period of time. That was not the case at all. I could not imagine in my wildest dreams that my son would undergo three separate surgeries over the summer of 2007, hyperbaric wound treatments for nearly six months and then finally physical therapy which he still undergoes to this day.

My son developed a wound infection that nearly took his foot. The doctors tried everything and to no avail; nothing worked, the wound would not heal.

Joy Feldman has been a close friend for several years now. She called me several times over the course of my son's medical treatments. She offered to help in an attempt to heal this wound. She spoke of good nutrition, rest, infra lights, vitamins. She cut my son's hair to send out for analysis in an attempt to see what was really going on with him.

She was so diligent in her recommendations to my son and just as diligent in her follow up care. His wound did completely close over the next couple of months. It was Joy Feldman's expertise in the area of health and nutrition that got his body to heal itself which then allowed the other treatments to work.

My son is walking on his own again. He is back to work. He is coaching football at a local high school. He is back to the gym. He is living life and happy again.

I truly believe in Joy Feldman as a person and as a professional. She is bright, intelligent, articulate, knowledgable, and compassionate and holds her clients accountable for their own well being. She is a teacher in every sense of the word. She teaches good health and well being. I am very grateful for what Joy has done for my family.


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