In 2003 I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a hormone imbalance affecting as many as 1 in 15 women. This did not come as a complete surprise as two of my family members also have it. My case was also coupled with amenorrhea since I had not menstruated for ten years (from 1999 to 2009) and the condition was making it difficult to get pregnant and caused a strain on our marriage as I was moody and obsessed with becoming pregnant. PCOS was not only causing infertility, mental instability, but also many disadvantageous physical conditions as well.

With PCOS, I started making more androgens (male hormones) causing me to stop ovulating; get acne; gain weight even when being very cautious about food choices; impossible to lose weight even while exercising; grew facial hair on the upper lip; debilitating migraines; excessive anger and rage; and depression as a result of all of the above. I was also becoming insulin resistant; my blood sugar levels were going up and my gynecologist was warning me that I was showing a tendency towards diabetes.

The Gynecologist ran a battery of tests to ensure a proper diagnosis. I filled out questionnaires assessing my past health, symptoms and lack of menstrual cycles. A physical exam assessing body hair; blood pressure (which was high); and body mass index (BMI) were also conducted. Lab tests checked my blood sugar, insulin, and various hormone levels which ruled out thyroid problems. An internal pelvic ultrasound also showed numerous fluid filled sacks on both ovaries.

No treatment options were discussed, the gynecologist stated that I would be unable to conceive on my own and that I should immediately begin metformin (a diabetes medication) to help control insulin and blood sugar levels and reduce androgen levels. He also handed me a pamphlet for electrolysis, which was conveniently offered by his practice and recommended I check the internet for more information.

I was disgusted with the lack of discussion and attention that I was receiving from the Gynecologist who rigidly followed the biomedical approach to medicine and sought alternatives. I met a naturopathic doctor in Connecticut, where we were living, and was a bit skeptical as she was very informal and was constantly looking things up in her medical digest. Nevertheless, she believed in my body's ability to heal itself and after taking a chaste tree berry tincture I was able to conceive. However, my other symptoms were still persistent and worsening and I desperately needed help.

After moving to Rhode Island, I was referred to Joy Feldman by a new friend. I was able to conceive on my own, without the help of the herb, and was in denial about my persistent health issues so I thanked my friend graciously, and ignored the information. I was afraid of investing in myself and my main objective, having children, had been obtained. Not until my second major health concern did I think about calling Joy.

About a month after my second cesarean section, I was in excruciating pain and my back kept locking up. I was unable to get up off of our family bed without assistance and once up I didn't know how I would get through the day taking care of two children, then newborn and 2 years old. I called the gynecologist and general practitioner repeatedly and they brushed the symptoms off as not related to the section and that I was just tired from tandem nursing and caring for our family. I knew that more was going on and consulted a physical therapist. She had just given birth by cesarean herself and also denied the connection. She thought that I just needed some exercise and the program that she created for me helped me to walk and get through the day, but I was still in chronic pain but was also having incontinence and urinary tract infections. After seeing a urologist and undergoing a CT scan and a MRI, it was determined that I have 3 herniated disks, spinal stenosis and a pinched thecal sack which was the cause of the incontinence and urinary infections. The physical therapist was wonderful in agreeing to avoid medication and honored my request to "fix me" through exercise. I was seeing her up to four times a week, which was a time commitment that was almost impossible to maintain and was less than effective when bringing the boys to my appointments with me.

I finally made a commitment to taking care of myself and investing in my health. I called Joy. At the first meeting I was extremely impressed with Joy's professionalism, knowledge base, ability to critically listen and profound desire to really help me. This was an experience like never before. I connected with her immediately and knew that I didn't want to let myself or her down. I finally found someone who cared about me, and not about selling a product or service and who was skilled and very informed with clients spanning the globe.

I have been under Joy's care on the Nutritional Balancing Program for ten months and ALL of the above symptoms associated with PCOS and my back have subsided. The most surprising and personally inspiring was that I actually started ovulating and menstruating on my OWN! I have even purged many toxic elements from my body and am more prepared then I have ever been to have our third child, due in August. Our entire family (my Mom, Dad, husband and two children) are under Joy's care and following at our own rate, the Nutritional Balancing Program. I am so grateful to Joy as she has enriched, empowered and enlightened my life.

C.N., Exeter, Rhode Island

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