AT LAST I have found someone who actually has the knowledge and ability to determine the CAUSES of healt h issues! This was accomplished by a simple hair analysis (Tissue Mineral Analysis) which specified my personal body chemistry. With this approach to good health, there is no guessing and no drugs (with their hideous "side effects"). "It almost sounds too simple to be true, doesn't it?" I had a similar hair test some 20 years ago at a chiropractor's office, but the doctor had no idea how to interpret the results, and nothing was done to correct anything.

My daughter and her family were the first to be helped by Joy. How fortunate we all are because there was a common thread that needed to be addressed, and mine was the worst. It was copper toxicity. My lab report indicated more than 11 times the normal range of copper! No wonder I had the following symptoms: Anger, anxiety, brain fog, confusion, depression, irritability, mind racing, panic attacks, poor memory and trouble both with concentrating and sleeping! I also experienced severe abdominal distention which was very painful. It could last hours or go on for days, and I couldn't even fit into my clothes. I couldn't safely drive the car, and it took me hours to balance my checkbook, just to name a few of the consequences. Imagine trying to live with someone like that? (By the way, my family and I have nominated my husband for "Sainthood"!)

The side effects from the sleeping medicine were almost worse than the lack of sleep, but together, they were totally debilitating. I have suffered like this for years. Needless to say, getting through each day like that was a chore, and worst of all, totally unnecessary! My sleeping has improved, but I am still addressing a huge calcium overload (14 times the normal range, but "bio-unavailable" i.e. stored in the tissues and not able to be used by the body.) However, my calcium has dropped 82 points after my first 4 months under Joy's meticulous care, and I no longer take prescription medications to sleep! I am looking forward to much more improvement.

The panic attacks (caused by copper toxicity) could appear when I was particularly stressed, or they might simply arise "out of nowhere". Over the last four years I have been admitted to the ER numerous times with extremely high blood pressure, shortness of breath, chest tightness and pain. In the worst case, a panic attack was accompanied by uncontrolled shaking. I was repeatedly checked for a heart attack and stroke. They performed: EKGs, MRIs, X-rays, CAT scans and all of the other normal tests. Nothing was ever found, and I always felt like the "boy who cried wolf". These situations were extremely frightening and they caused a profound sense of helplessness and embarrassment. I always knew that the medical professionals would access my record and think , "Oh God, here she comes again."

Now for the good news: After only 4 months on Joy's program, my copper, which was "off the page", has returned to normal! I am no longer plagued by the copper toxicity symptoms and I haven't had ANY panic attacks in the last 2 months! I no longer suffer from the painful distention or any of the myriad of symptoms listed above.

You can't imagine the mental, emotional and physical relief that I feel ~ thanks to Joy Feldman! She is one of the two kindest health professionals that I have ever met. Joy is truly interested in helping each client heal, and it doesn't stop at the office door: I have received numerous emails and follow-up phone calls to help me during my worst moments.

I am finally able to understand the causes of my problems, and I have made life style changes, improved my diet, and continue to take the recommended supplements. I feel great, have lots of energy and am very happy. My clever husband has built a sauna to further detoxify, and we are both well on our way to vibrant health.

-C.P., Rhode Island

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