Words cannot describe what a blessing you have been to come into my life. I originally came to you to help nutritionally support my infant daughter as she underwent months of chemotherapy. I was so interested in what you had to say that I participated in the program too. When I met you I was feeling tired, irritable and overall "awful". I accepted that this was how I was supposed to feel and there was nothing that I could do to change it. I cannot thank you enough for "opening my eyes to how harmful my diet was that I was consuming. You taught me that I didn't have to feel this way and that through information on good nutrition I can feel healthy again and I do!!

Not only did you help me feel much better but most importantly you helped my daughter. I truly believe that your program helped to strengthen her immune system while she was undergoing chemotherapy. When she started chemotherapy, the health care professionals told us to expect her to be ill from the weakened immune system and that she would probably have to be hospitalized. I am happy to report that she wasn't sick (not even a cold!) and avoided being hospitalized!!!

Through your teachings, support and encouragement you have made my family a much more educated and healthier unit. I am forever grateful for your help, your program. We cannot thank you enough for changing our lives for the better!!

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