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Monthly Archive for December, 2011

Love Meditation What better way to ring in the New Year then with a  health dose of self- love. Take a look below and enjoy this wonderful meditation that will bring you peace and serenity. My best wishes to all of you for a healthy and happy New Year filled with light, love and joy. […]

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by Lawrence Wilson, MD © February 2010, The Center For Development Stress is one of the most often used words today.  But just what is stress, and exactly how does it affect us?  Let us begin with the definition of stress. Stress is a response of the body to stimuli.  Noise, heat or cold are not stresses.  They are […]

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When combining  foods, vitamins, minerals and other procedures used in nutritional balancing science one notices the positive effect this program has upon slow oxidizers, especially the very slow ones. According to Dr. Lawrence Wilson, ” It is identical to dragging a slow moving or stuck automobile onto a high speed roadway.  This has the effect of […]

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